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    Our engineers are proud to work in an environment where every line of code they write goes toward making life easier for hundreds of millions of people. Yikes! No presssure right?

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    Our product peeps are always driving the next great innovation - not only for our own products, but for HR technology, in general. Imagine that, influencing not only where Joveo is headed, but a whole industry!

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    Our brand marketing team defines how we speak with the world, from sales to products to customer success, our marketeers love to show off our brand. And they have a lot of fun while doing it - we can't keep that a secret.

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    Our HR, admin, finance, and legal colleagues are there to make sure employees are adequately managed, appropriately compensated, and effectively trained. Not a small task, given how fast we're growing!

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    Customer Experience

    Our customer service folks work hand in hand with clients, acting as an extension of their teams. The goal? To overdeliver and achieve customer delight. To be 100% honest, it's more than a goal, its a guiding principle.

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    Our operations groups are super important when it comes to managing day-to-day activities and processes. These folks work with colleagues across Joveo - sales, engineering, product and customer service - to keep our engine running!

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    Our sales gurus drive Joveo's growth by identifying where and how we can help potential clients. Their bright minds understands our products, our markets, and our prospects' challenges. From sales drivers to solutions architects to subject matter experts, they work as a team to push us to the stars (and beyond!).

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    Calling all you young leaders out there and join our team for a 3-6 month internship Programme. If programming floats your boat or designing is what makes you roar and anything else - we've something just right for your skill set!